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Bref, c'est publié pour vous donner une première idée, mais il nous reste du travail.

SIT - Analytic account lines global view
Add new view to access and manage analytic lines
SIT - Account Asset Asyn Validation
Asyn validation for account assets
SIT - Account Assets Prorata with closed period

Specific module to handle asset prorata calculation when accounting period is closed
SIT - Account Currency Exchange Analytic
Add analytic configuration for currency exchange
SIT - Account move auto post entries
Mass Account Move Auto Post Entries
SIT - Account Move Payment
SIT - Account Move Payment
SIT - Factor management
Manage factor through the banking account and SEPA management
SIT - Immo Traxens
Immo Traxens improvements
SIT - Partner Payment Preferences

Set payment preferences on partner form : preferred payment method and destination bank account.
Those preferences will be used to set the defaults on invoice.
Invoice validation wizard

Quick wizard to avoid validating an invoice too quickly
SIT - Accounting viewer by journal

Allow accounting journal access to followers only
SIT - Default fiscal position

Get the default fiscal position from the selected country on partners.
SIT - Payment term day decade

Extend payment terms to add day decade after invoice date
Account Asset Asyn Close
Asyn closing for account assets
Account Asset Serial
Link product serial numbers to account asset
Account payment method
Get access to th epayment method menu
SIT - Mail send multiple invoices
Send customer invoices to multiple recipients