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OAuth Multi Token
Allow multiple connection with the same OAuth account
SIT - Login with Office 365
Login with office 365
SIT - Simplicit Odoo logs
Manage logs through odoo interface
SIT - Disable Assign Mail
Disable assign mails on sale orders and invoices
SIT - Helpdesk SubTickets
Add Subtickets capabilities on helpdesk module
SIT - Helpdesk Notify Group

Add link to ticket in all emails send
SIT - Helpdesk Mail Ticket Duplication
Fix email bounced by Odoo when user a mail provider that changes headers
SIT - Outgoing External Mail

Catch outgoing emails with unauthorized senders
SIT - Mail Bounce fix
Fix email bounced by Odoo when user a mail provider that changes headers
SIT - Mail Show Recipients

Adds the list of the email recipient at the end of the body
SIT - No Auto Subscribe Partners
Customers or Suppliers will not be automaticaly added as followers
Maintenance Downtime
SIT - Mail Project

Adds email from on task in order to handle catchall mails from unknown senders
SIT - Project task sequence
Add sequences to project tasks
SIT - Project type
Define project type to initialize projects with default stages
SIT - Product restrict security MRP

Extends module 'sit_product_restrict_security' to take in account module MRP
SIT - Stock Inventory Details

Show details of the stock inventory when done

Short (1 phrase/line) summary of the module's purpose, used as
subtitle on modules listing or