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SIT - Disable Assign Mail
Disable assign mails on sale orders and invoices
SIT - Commercial product

Specific module to improve products with new product type commercial
Sale and Purchase Partner Approval
Adds partner approval before using it in sales and purchases
SIT - Commercial Validation
Module adds a commercial confirmation step in the sale workflow
SIT - Sale General condition

Module that add a general condition on sale orders
SIT - Sale line non invoiceable
Sale line with total to zero will not be considered as invoiceable
SIT - Sale and Purchase analytic
Make analytic account mandatory in purchase orders, sale orders and invoices
SIT - Sale subscription line section

Add line section and notes to subscriptions
Sale order create invoices split

Add the ability to degroup the creation invoices from sale orders
SIT - Force Sale Order as Fully Invoiced

Mark a sale order as fully invoiced, even though Odoo is saying otherwise.
SIT - Sale Margin Visibility

Restricts the visbility of cost and margin on Sale Orders and Products to a specific group.
SIT - Sale Report Margin Percent

Adds the 'Margin (%)' field in the Sale Analysis Report.