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OAuth Multi Token
Allow multiple connection with the same OAuth account
SIT - Login with Office 365
Login with office 365
SIT - Simplicit Odoo logs
Manage logs through odoo interface
Base disable quick create and edit
Allows to disable quick create directly on each model
SIT - Importable Fields
Allow or not fields to be importable
SIT - Data merge remove duplicates
Remove duplicates from deduplication rule
SIT - Simplicit Odoo progress
Manage multi steps process progression through odoo interface
SIT - Microsoft Calendar Sync Range

Change first sync range for Microsoft Calendar
SIT - Ir Attachement Image compression
Compress images in ir attachments
SIT - Supervision

Module de supervision des services Odoo.
Sit Restriction sign in Group

This module helps configure a group to allow users to access rights assigned related to the Odoo sign-in feature.