SIT - Sale line non invoiceable

Sale line with total to zero will not be considered as invoiceable

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=========================== Sale Line Non Invoiceable ===========================

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Sale line with total to zero will not be considered as invoiceable.

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In standard Odoo, the invoiceable status of a Sale Order Line only depends on the invoicing policy of the product and is computed equally whether the line has a subtotal > 0 or not. As a consequence, Sale Order stays in "To Invoice" status until the users creates the invoice, even though there is actually nothing to invoice and the invoice total will be 0. In some cases having all lines of the order appear in the invoices might indeed be necessary, but for some businesses this is just annoying.

In that regard, this modules changes the computation of 'Quantity To Invoice' on Sale Order Lines so that a line whose subtotal is 0 will not be considered invoiceable, regardless of invoicing policy or whether it has been delivered.

No configuration required.


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