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Bref, c'est publié pour vous donner une première idée, mais il nous reste du travail.

SIT - Helpdesk SubTickets
Add Subtickets capabilities on helpdesk module
SIT - Helpdesk Notify Group

Add link to ticket in all emails send
SIT - Helpdesk Mail Ticket Duplication
Fix email bounced by Odoo when user a mail provider that changes headers
SIT - FIX Helpdesk ticket creation

Fix Odoo issue when creating a new ticket
SIT - Helpdesk Ticket Alias Mail Exception
Prevents from adding an mail alias as follower in helpdesk.
SIT - Helpdesk Mail reply select alias

Select the alias that should be used to reply if multiple alias are defined for helpdesk team
SIT - Helpdesk team ticket tags
Add new field "helpdesk teams" on helpdesk tags, in order to filter tags available on ticket according to their helpdesk team.
SIT - Helpdesk team ticket type
Add new field "helpdesk teams" on ticket type, in order to filter ticket type by helpdesk team.
SIT - Helpdesk ticket partner name
Display full contact name (parent company name + contact name) on the kanban view of the ticket.
SIT - Simplicit Mail Archived Ticket
Create automatically a new ticket if someone reply to an archived ticket.
SIT - Helpdesk ticket block mails
Block stage mails to send from tickets
SIT - Helpdesk transfer ticket
Ce module a pour objectif de déléguer / transférer les tickets vers des nouveaux équipes / étapes.
SIT - Helpdesk disable partner creation
Disables partner creation on incoming tickets.
SIT - Helpdesk portal ticket visibility
Rendre visible depuis le portail d'un contact tous les tickets de sa société