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SIT - Product restrict security MRP

Extends module 'sit_product_restrict_security' to take in account module MRP
SIT - Stock Inventory Details

Show details of the stock inventory when done
SIT - Current states not importable
Field 'Current states' on stock.lot not to be importable
SIT - MRP BoM Production Cost
Add production cost on bill of materials
SIT - Purchase Delivery Proof
Purchase Delivery Proof
SIT - Purchase filter received
Add received filters on purchase orders
SIT - Stock Delivery Warehouse

Allow specific warehouse selection on each delivery address.
SIT - Stock inventory customer location
Allow inventories in customer locations
SIT - Stock product route list
Product: Add many2many_tags widget on route list selection
Product State

Manage product states
SIT - Stock Reporting

Specific module to handle any customization related to analysis and reporting feature for stock.
SIT - Stock Rule Propagate Delay
Allows to set a propagate a delay
SIT - Stock Package Unique Name
Add a constraint to ensure Stock packages are unique.
SIT - Stock Valuation Exclude Location

Exclude internal locations from stock valuation
SIT - Stock warehouse orderpoint route filtering
Advanced route filtering in warehouse orderpoints for companies with lots of routes
SIT - Stock warehouse route list
Change warehouse route list selection
SIT - Unique Product ref

Product name and internal ref tracking.
Unique constrain on internal ref.
SIT - Expiration date editable

Allow edition of the expiration date on stock move line if picking type is set to use existing lots
SIT - Product expiry improved

Aims to improve how expiry/alert dates are computed by Odoo
SIT - Product restrict security

Create a new group 'Products manager' to manage products