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SIT - Stock Reporting

Specific module to handle any customization related to analysis and reporting feature for stock.
SIT - Stock Rule Propagate Delay
Allows to set a propagate a delay
SIT - Stock Package Unique Name
Add a constraint to ensure Stock packages are unique.
SIT - Stock Valuation Exclude Location

Exclude internal locations from stock valuation
SIT - Stock warehouse orderpoint route filtering
Advanced route filtering in warehouse orderpoints for companies with lots of routes
SIT - Stock warehouse route list
Change warehouse route list selection
SIT - Unique Product ref

Product name and internal ref tracking.
Unique constrain on internal ref.
SIT - Website recurring courses

Allow attendees to do multiple times the same courses.
Base Tier Validation Bypass
Allow for specific group users to bypass tier validation
SIT - Tier validation notification
Specific module to notify followers by sequence
SIT - CRM Mail Activity Stage

Extends module sit_mail_activity_stage to take in account CRM leads
SIT - Helpdesk Mail Activity Stage

Extends module sit_mail_activity_stage to take in account helpdesk tickets
SIT - Mail Activity Stage

Create automatically activities and/or data checks for objects with stages in Odoo
SIT - Mail Activity Stage Document

This module fixes a bug when an document upload activity is created via the workflow module
SIT - Project Mail Activity Stage

Adds workflow options in project stages
SIT - Quality Mail Activity Stage

Create automatically activities for module Quality. Restrict stage changemement if not done.
Invoice validation wizard

Quick wizard to avoid validating an invoice too quickly
SIT - Accounting viewer by journal

Allow accounting journal access to followers only
SIT - Default fiscal position

Get the default fiscal position from the selected country on partners.
SIT - Payment term day decade

Extend payment terms to add day decade after invoice date